How to Get a Flat Stomach

Getting a flat stomach has always been on the top of my body wish-list. I used to have a little pot belly despite being reasonably slim. I was never skinny but was around a size 12/14. I had slim legs but my stomach was always a little tubby and this really annoyed me. I hated wearing tight tops and the clothes I could wear were limited to those that covered up my chubby stomach. I kept asking myself how to get a flat stomach but never succeeded. Then I decided I had had enough and something just had to change!

I am sure many women are in the same situation as I was but there is hope and you can change your body if you know how! I spent years just simply wishing I knew how to get a flat stomach and hoping it would happen one day. The one of the biggest lessons I learnt was that you need to make it happen - no one else is going to do the hard work for you - you just need to decide and do it! This means taking responsibility for the way you are and taking the time to do your research on what exactly you need to do and what you need to change. You obviously need to change something if you are not in the shape you wish!

Aside from deciding to lose weight and shape-up, the next biggest lesson I learnt was that you need to know what you are doing in terms of diet and exercise to get a flat stomach. How to get a flat stomach - you need to do abdominal exercises to tone your stomach and most likely need to lose excess body fat too. Some women have a body shape which stores body fat around the waist in particular. Some women are simply overweight in general. Whatever your body shape, if you are considering how to get a flat stomach it is highly likely you need to lose body fat and not just tone-up. Losing weight can be hard. I found losing weight hard as I am used to snaking and hate being hungry!

Some tips for losing weight are to add extra exercise in your daily activities as it all adds up! Walk to and from work. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Go for a 30 minute walk after lunch - it all adds up! I also love to snack and so found it hard to lose weight and get rid of stomach fat. Some simple tips are to fill up on vegetable sticks and low fat dips. Low fat yogurts, fruits, vegetables, crackers and low fat soft cheeses are some good snack ideas when watching the calories!

In terms of exercise, you should follow an exercise program to tone your abdonimals as well as an overall body toning program. Aerobic exercise is also great to help you burn-up extra calories and lose stomach fat. If you follow these simple tips and learn more about abdominal exercises, you have started on your route to finding out how to get a flat stomach. For more advice and helpful information to help on how to get a flat stomach, click here!